Winter Ready | General

We don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but if you’ve been into the shops lately you will see that the winter trends are coming in. So instead of being caught off guard this winter, we thought we could give you a few tips and tricks to get your home winter ready – the sooner the better.


As we enter Autumn it is a good idea to be on top of cleaning your gutters. Make sure your gutters are cleaned and free of leaves and other debris to ensure that ice doesn’t back up causing leaks and other damage. By staying on top of the pileup of leaves you can avoid unnecessary costs later on.


With the price of electricity going up, and the unfortunate thing we call load-shedding, it is also a good idea to make sure your home is well insulated to avoid being left in the cold. Look for draughts coming through any doors or windows and insulate where necessary. By doing so you will be able to avoid using unnecessary appliances to warm up the house. Additionally, hanging up of thick curtains will add an additional layer to keep out the cold air.


If you have a fireplace it is a good idea to clean out the chimney and ensure the fireplace is in good working condition. While wood is still easily available start gathering it to be used for the months ahead.


Heaters consume a lot of electricity and can also be a dangerous fire hazard. Gas heaters are far more cost effective, and it may be a good idea to stock up on gas before the prices go up as we enter the colder winter months. Always turn your gas heater off before going to bed or leaving the house. By using a gas heater, we are also able to reduce the amount of electricity we use and hopefully help Eskom keep our lights on.


Lastly, we can add warmth and ambience (hygge) to our homes with the simple use of candles (not due to load-shedding) – but they create a sense of warmth and glow in the home and will make the evenings seem less cold. Always make sure your candles are blown out before leaving the house or going to bed.



We hope these tips help you get your home winter ready, and enjoy being indoors this winter.