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Hamptons Realty Group has become one of the leading Hybrid agencies in SA. Our uniquely designed innovative hybrid model combines leading end-to-end customer facing technology with licensed, professional real estate agents, that makes the process of selling and buying, renting and letting more convenient, transparent and cost effective.

Hamptons Realty Group was founded by a team of highly experienced industry professionals and has since seen phenomenal growth and success in positively and permanently changing the Real Estate Industry in South Africa.

Hamptons Realty Group is a unique property portfolio company with a myriad of solutions to attend to ensuring that your investment requirements are made by providing the best possible advice, whether selling, purchasing, renting and/or letting your home

The best way to do real estate

A specific market niche requires specific services, with over 120 years combined experience in Property Acquisitions, Management of Rentals and Body Corporates. Hamptons has developed a bespoke approach in attending to the diverse risks and needs that the Realtymarket faces.

We are extremely proud of the team that has helped build Hamptons Realty Group, the technology and the innovation we have brought to the market. We know that the change we have brought has proven itself to be one of the biggest and most profound positive changes to the real estate industry. Hamptons Realty Group is a leader in making the way you sell and purchase property more efficient and effective. Most importantly we have saved our clients thousands of rands to date given our fair fee approach.


Hamptons Realty Group is a unique property portfolio company with a myriad of solutions to attend to ensuring that your investment is made taking the best possible advice, whether selling, purchasing, renting and/or letting your home.

A specific market niche requires specific needs, with over 120 years combined experience in Property Acquisitions, Management of Rentals and Body Corporates. Hamptons has developed a bespoke approach in attending to the diverse risks that the real estate market faces.


With the current economic climate, Hamptons understands that the decision to buy a new home could be the singular greatest investment that one ever makes, and this decision must involve a team of professionals that will help in determining that you and your family are provided with the best possible advice.

At Hamptons, we ascribe to Integrity, Transparency and Efficiency, where we guarantee to retain our assurances every time.


Giancarlo Agrizzi - MANAGING DIRECTOR

The youngest member of our executive team, Giancarlo brings with him a wealth of knowledge and information. A master’s graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand, he has an in depth understanding of South Africa’s socio-economic climate and market drivers. Giancarlo began his career as CEO of the ANC Caucus in the Gauteng Province where he established sound business principles and practices which continue to contribute toward increased efficiency and operations. He has since established various other companies in a wide variety of sectors including the Construction sector. He describes himself as a dynamic leader who is naturally hard working within a team environment, committed not only toward the common goal but to assisting fellow employees and enhancing the image of the business. Giancarlo is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

+27 (0) 76 728 3042 | giancarlo@hamptonsrealty.co.za



We will market your property through our immense and extensive online advertising, social media and printed media as well as our vast network and database of potential buyers. Our highly trained agents will guide you, the seller, through every step of the process and once the sale has been concluded, our equally highly trained administrative and agent support team shall take over and follow the whole process through to the transfer and hand over of the property to the purchaser. We have an extensive network of bond originators, who assist any prospective purchaser with bond applications. With our dedicated agents, you are guided through the entire sales process with help every step of the way, which includes getting all the required documentation ready for the conveyancers.


At Hamptons Realty Group we sell and rent homes and not just properties. Our dedicated high power sales team listens to your needs and requirements with understanding and consideration for you, the client, eliminating pressures and anxieties that you might feel when purchasing or renting your new home. Making purchasing or renting a home a memorable and extraordinary experience.


All rental monies and deposits received by Hamptons Realty Group are managed by Payprop, which is the market leader in rental administration. With an unmatched wealth of experience in the property rental market as well as our immense and extensive marketing online and in printed media together with our considerable database of active tenants. This as well as our unrivalled credit vetting and personal reference checks, ensures that your property is rented out to the right tenant first time. Our unsurpassed administrative team ensures that the rental of your property is managed day to day without any hassle and stress to you, the Landlord. All prospective applicants are presented to you, the landlord, prior to any contracts being concluded.


The Hamptons Realty Group and all our agents are registered with the EAAB – and we are dedicated to complying with the Code of Conduct. All our contracts are FICA, NCPA and POPI compliant.


All our contracts are FICA, NCPA and POPI compliant. Over and above our normal rental service, we are proud to offer landlords and tenants a full management offering or a procurement only offering.


The managed lease option allows you, the Landlord peace of mind as Hamptons Realty Group manages the lease and all service costs on a monthly basis. The management option includes the following services:-

  • Agent views the property, documents any defects or work required. Photographs and records the property condition and advises on the current market related rental income
  • Hamptons Realty Group will act on behalf of the Landlord with the tenant on maintenance issues arising, e.g. plumbing,electrical (specialised service providers on call) or non-payment
  • Maximum exposure with appropriate advertising of your property
  • Prospective tenants will always be accompanied by one of our highly trained Agents
  • Procurement, Credit Vetting and checking references for your prospective tenant
  • Full service administration department and portfolio management will communicate directly with the Landlord
  • Comprehensive Legal Contracts
  • Ensure that all deposits and the 1st months’ rental are collected on completion of the lease prior to handover of keys tothe tenant
  • Collect and pay Landlords‘ electricity, water, services, levies etc. on the Landlord’s instruction
  • Issuing of Landlord Statements / Tenant Invoices / Tax Certificates
  • Monthly Management of Rental Payments
  • Deposits held in an Interest Bearing Trust Account
  • Comprehensive in-going and outgoing inspections with photos
  • Options of Interim inspection at intervals nominated by the Landlord


A procurement or once off option allows Hamptons Realty Group to procure a prospective tenant with the following procurement/once off lease option and includes the following services:-

  • Agent lists your property and advises on the current market related rental income
  • Maximum Exposure with appropriate advertising of your property
  • Possible tenant match from our vast database of approved tenants
  • Prospective tenants will be accompanied by our registered and qualified Hamptons Realty Group Agents
  • Maximum Exposure with appropriate advertising of your property
  • Procurement, credit vetting and checking references for your prospective tenant
  • Comprehensive Legal Contracts
  • Hamptons Realty Group ensures that all deposits and the 1st months’ rental is collected on completion of the lease prior to handover of keys to the tenant
  • Comprehensive in–going property inspections with photos
  • Ensure that the relevant documentation in accordance with FICA, NCA, and CPA for the qualified tenant is on file
  • The Lease Agreement and all accompanying documents will be handed to the Landlord once the initial contractual obligations have been met
  • Once Fees have been deducted from the initial payments made by the Tenant, the remainder of the monies will be paid to the Landlord
  • The Landlord will hold the tenant’s deposit and will be responsible to pay back the
  • deposit at the end of the Lease Period
  • From month (2) two – the rental and services monies will be paid directly by the tenant to you, the landlord


All in-going, outgoing and interim inspections are concluded with an automated electronic system which allows us to take date stamped photos and record any maintenance and/or damage present in the property. Our skilled team offers a full spectrum of property inspection services. All our agents undergo continuous training and development, thus ensuring that they are familiar and up to date with current building and maintenance trends.


We offer an extensive property evaluation of the estimated market value of your property, determined by using a sophisticated statistical calculation and comparative market analysis (CMA), a method used to determine accurate market values by comparing other similar properties that have recently sold in your area. If the sales or letting price of your property is not market related, priced either too high or too low, you can lose out on making more money than you would like to. The trick is to get the pricing just right to suit the current state of the market. However, there could be other factors that that will determine the value of your property, which also need to be taken into consideration. These include market demand and the condition of the property


At Hamptons Realty Group we are here to help get your complex back on track no matter what your concerns are with the existing management challenges. We ensure prompt and efficient management of Body Corporate and Home Owners Associations as well as working together with Trustees as a team. Enforcing conduct rules, assisting and managing maintenance issues and ensuring that there is always accurate administration and accounting support. We ensure timeous issuing of levy statements. Hamptons Realty Group can assist and put together a proposal to meet with you, the Trustees, on your requirements and assist with the clarification and solutions to a happy environment and a healthy bank account.


Essentially this will include our active support to the Trustees in performing their duties:

  1. General financial and administrative aspects
  2. Monthly levy Invoicing
  3. Collection of arrear levies (through strategic partnerships)
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Annual financial statements
  6. Hosting of annual general meetings (including agendas and compiling the correct quorum)
  7. Quotations for maintenance
  8. Compiling a budget for levies
  9. Capital fund
  10. Reserve fund
  11. Compilation of minutes of annual general meetings
  12. Ombud (CSOS) levy registration & payments
  13. In addition to the above, we will actively support the Trustees in meeting the obligations imposed on them by the Act, by doing the actual work on the following items, in consultation with the Trustees
  14. Management of the scheme with the required professional level of skill and care
  15. Liability for any loss suffered by the Body Corporate as a result of not applying such skill and care
  16. Fiduciary obligation to every member of the Body Corporate
  17. Inspection of the common property at least every six months; and
  18. Must report at least every four months to every member of the Body Corporate on the administration of the scheme
  19. Reports of proposed repairs and maintenance of the common property and assets of the Body Corporate within the next four months
  20. Matters the Trustees consider relevant to the condition of the common property and the assets of the Body Corporate
  21. Submit a 10 Year maintenance plan
  22. Must send out notices for and arrange annual general meetings
  23. Drafting and submission of budgets
  24. Arrange insurance for the common property and keep it up to date
  25. Arrange the necessary garden services and keep the common property in good condition
  26. Make sure municipal accounts are up to date
  27. Be available 24/7 for any emergencies that need immediate attention
  28. Annual SARS Registration
  29. CSOS Registration


The Sectional Titles Scheme Management Act and the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act as well as the regulations came into effect on 7 October 2016.

This does not imply that the Sectional Titles Act is obsolete. Section 37 to 48 of the Sectional Titles Act is repealed and replaced by the Sectional Titles Scheme Management Act which governs how a Body Corporate must manage a scheme and conduct its affairs. The Sectional Titles Act will continue to be applicable to the establishment of a scheme and the registration actions in the deeds office.

The Sectional Title Scheme Management Act’s purpose is to assist body corporates to manage and regulate sectional title schemes. This includes the application of the rules and to establish a sectional title scheme management advisory council.

However, the Community Schemes Ombud Services Acts aim is to provide for the establishment of a Community Schemes ombud service and a dispute resolution mechanism in community schemes. The ombud will be the custodian of all the founding documentation of the sectional title schemes and home owners associations.

Attorneys, Estate Agents and Trustees must know the critical aspects of the legislation. New rules are prescribed. The new litigation process is through the Ombud Service and will require in depth knowledge of the regulations and the Acts. Estate Agents will be held liable for acting negligently in marketing properties. A minefield has been set for the Managing Agents. Contravention may have serious consequences.

In terms of Section 18(3) of the regulations on the Community Schemes Ombud Service, all community schemes are required to file a registration with the CSOS. This is not optional.

The Sectional Titles Schemes Management act 8 of 2011 requires that every sectional title scheme shall establish an administrative fund as well as a reserve fund.

In addition to these levies the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act prescribes an additional levy, payable not only by sectional title unit owners but members of all community schemes for example Home Owners Associations and Share block schemes.

The Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 8 of 11 defines unanimous resolutions taken at general meetings.