Why is an evaluation so important? | General
Why is an evaluation so important?
So you bought your property recently? Or maybe you have been an owner for several years. An evaluation is still important for you no matter whether you fall into the former or latter category. Why you may ask? Here we take you though the reasons for getting an evaluation done today. 
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Knowing the value of your property, lets you know how much you can spend without losing money on your investment. One of the main things we have noticed over the years is that homeowners over capitalise on their property and then try sell to recoup the costs but are never really successful in getting back everything they have spent. A evaluation from Hamptons Realty Group will help guide you on how much you can expect to sell your property for so you don't end up losing your hard earned money. 

Get to meet the property professional in your area. It's important to know who is servicing your area. Our industry is filled with agents who don't correctly advise clients  and are unable to provide effective and trust worthy advice. Our teams are trained regularly and are able to provide clients with industry leading advice, so you wont be left in the dark regarding your property concerns.  

Your properties value has probably increased since you last checked. Thats why we want to educate homeowners on what their current market related value is. This helps you ensure that insurance is adequately adjusted (if necessary). It also gives you an indication of what the suburb growth is looking like and how your area is performing compared to others. 

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