White is just White , Right? | General

There is something satisfying and fresh about crisp white walls in your home – it brings life and makes your home feel open. The thing about using white is that it is not a trend, so it won’t go out of date. However, if you think white is just white, you would be wrong - there are different types of whites that can influence the vibe of your home.


White is a versatile option and is a great base palette for the other colors, materials and finishes in your home - making is a safe and sensible choice to use. However, there is this misconception that white only means pure white, however white comes in a number of tints and tones giving you the white look and feel without being pure white.


Paint colors differ when mixed and pigments are added which creates either a warm or cool undertone. Cool whites have hints of blue, green, or grey/black, while warm whites have hints of red, brown, yellow and pink.


When choosing white you need to think about the look and feel you are trying to create, the amount of light in the room and the area you want to paint. You don’t need to use the same white in each area of your home, you can push the boundaries and use different whites to achieve different effects.


For a more modern look, go with bright white, with the addition of cool whites which will give you a minimalist chic look. This works well in kitchens to create that ultra-modern look and feel.


For a more classic vibe – whites with a touch of warm grey will give you a fresh look while keeping the space feeling warm. Bright warm whites are ideal for dark hallways to lighten the space and make it feel larger. Warm whites are also ideal for bedrooms and will create a homely feel when combined with a touch of beige.


White is not just white, and while some may consider it sterile, mixing it up with contrasting walls and different varieties of whites you can definitely transform your home with a fresh coat of white paint.