What Paint Should You Use? | General

Painting your house is like giving your home a complete makeover and a fresh start. However, when you go into a hardware store it can often feel overwhelming when there are so many paint options available. We decided to give you the low-down on the different types of paint available. Essentially there are three things to consider when choosing what paint to use: 1. Traffic -this is probably the most important thing to consider as it will determine the durability of the paint. 2. Paint sheen – these range from no-shine to high-gloss finishes. 3. Surface imperfections – the higher the shine the more likely imperfections will be noticed.


Matte: these paints have the least amount of shine, they also provide the best coverage than other paints – meaning you require fewer coats so cover imperfections like holes. However, matte paints are also the least durable type of paints and should therefore be used in low-traffic areas or ceilings.


Eggshell: these paints have a low shine to them making them more durable than matte paints and are also great at covering imperfections. These would be good to use in medium traffic areas of your home such as the entrance, living rooms and hallways.


Satin: these are the most popular interior paints. They have a velvety sheen and are easier to clean than eggshell paints which makes them an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, playroom and the tv room. However, when painting with satin paint be careful as they do reveal brush strokes, making touch-ups more difficult.


Semi-gloss: these paints are shiny and reflective. They are very durable and mildew resistant – which is ideal if you have previously had a mold problem. These are best used in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, with its glossy finish imperfections are shown more than other paints.


High-gloss: these are the shiniest of paints.  They are the most durable and can be easily wiped down without any damage to the paint. These paints work well on doors, as well as the exterior part of the house. However, preparation is important before using this paint as imperfections are easily seen.