Tis' the Season: Your Christmas Tree | General

Tis the season - and while some of you have had your tree up for a month already (we not judging ;)) most of us pull the Christmas decorations out on the 1st of December.  Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year, and we all want our trees to bring that feeling into our homes, while also showing a bit of our own personalities. And while decorating your tree is supposed to be a fun family affair, for some of us perfectionists our Christmas trees need to look perfect. We’ve got you covered with some of our decorating hacks.


Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

Christmas trees made from premium materials provide study and reliable support for decorations. They are also likely to last you for many years making it a good investment in the long run as they will be more durable for repeated use. Also opt for a traditional tree so it doesn’t go out of date as trends change.


Fluff and shape the branches

This is quite a tedious task, but luckily you only have to do it once a year. Fluffing the branches and separating each one individually will make the tree look fuller. Once each branch is fluffed put the tree together – and now let the fun begin.


Choose a color scheme

While Christmas trees are supposed to be colorful and fun, it should resemble your personal style. Choose something to go with the tone of your house – as a rule of thumb pick two or three colors to ensure the tree doesn’t look cluttered. Less is always more but it is Christmas after all, so decorate the tree with whatever makes you happy.


Start with the lights

A mistake often made is that we want the bright lights to be noticeable and think it should be placed after all other decorations are on the tree. However, it’s more difficult to do this after other decorations are on the tree, so always start with the lights.


Balance the décor

You are likely to have gathered a large collection of decorations over the years, so it is important to place your favorite ones at the front of your tree – ensuring those ones that you have many of like little baubles are placed at the back. Start decorating the top of the tree and then work down to ensure it is well balanced. Personalized items should also be placed in front center of the tree to make it visible.


And most importantly have fun!