Things For a Rainy Day | General

While I’m sure most Joburger’s can agree there is nothing more wonderful than an afternoon thunderstorm – there is truly something magical about watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder roar. But it seems as though we aren’t only having afternoon thunderstorms these days, and more like all day showers- which means we need to keep everybody indoors. So, with a rainy weekend ahead, we thought we could share some ideas on how to keep the family entertained.


Build a fort – gather all the blankets you have laying around, use chairs, couches, and brooms if you need and build a fort in the living room. Grab one of those torches Eskom made you buy and go inside and have a picnic and play games, read books – for some reason children have the best time hiding under blankets. This will definitely be a lifelong memory they will hold on to.


Get into the kitchen – I’m sure there is a recipe you have been wanting to try for a while, well now is the perfect time to get experimenting. And this type of weather does something to the taste buds that gets them all hyped up for a big bowl of comfort or something to satisfy the sweet tooth.  Try out that new recipe and who knows, you may find something that can become part of the weekly rotation of meals.


Meal prep – speaking of cooking why not use this indoor time to meal prep for the week. Plan your weekly meals and get cooking. Trust me, your future self will thank you. Just imagine going into next week without having to worry about what’s for dinner .


Play dough – kids love to play with play dough and if you need to occupy them for a while this is perfect activity to keep them entertained.


Movie and pizza – so perhaps all that cooking has exhausted you and left no motivation to eat your own food… now is the time to build a comfy family bed in front of the TV, get into pajamas (if you even bothered to get out of them for the day ) and have a family movie night with pizza. Don’t forget the popcorn and smarties for dessert.


Do you have any indoor activities you like to do on rainy days? Share them with us in the comments below .