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The Story behind our rebrand

The emergence of the Corona pandemic has left many in limbo trying to find new and innovative ways to do business. The world around us is changing at a very fast pace and it’s times like these where we have to either adapt or run the very real risk of becoming redundant.
The start of lockdown presented some real challenges for the real estate sector in particular. It meant we can no longer do viewings, it also meant that our ability to interact with our clients was ripped away. We had to quickly figure out ways to still do business within the restrictions placed on us.
Hamptons Realty Group had already been looking at ways to implement a more digital approach, but it was only at the point of lockdown that we understood the value of what we have been dreaming about.
Within the first week of lockdown we had already implemented digital documents that could be signed through a web user interface without clients having to print or scan documents. The result of this meant that we could still do listings, take on new rentals, and sign Offers to Purchase without jeopardizing the safety of our clients and our beloved agents.
In the weeks to follow we found that our business had begun increasing to a point that we were less concerned about the lockdown, because its effects on us were now isolated to getting deals to lodge. It didn’t take away the real impact that the lockdown had on us, but it gave us a glimmer of hope. It was at that moment that we took the decision to take the bull by the horns and adapt to these ever-changing times and go fully digital with all our documents. This meant throwing out the chunky printer that ran up monthly costs and really committing to a change. If we were going to change then we wanted it to be reflected in everything we did, not just in our approach but in our identity as well, and so our story begins…
Our brand no longer matched our unique identity, it was outdated and stale. Over the years our brand had evolved from an 80s real estate company to a more diverse and empowering company, but our brand didn’t represent this and so any changes needed to reflect this. We needed to be intentional in our changes it could not just be by chance that we came up with a logo. The logo we present today is deeply rooted in our value system.
The iconography, while appears to be abstract and of no real importance has a deep and entrenched meaning to it. If one was to visualize the two objects as one you will immediately notice they become a solid square. This was intentional, because ultimately that’s what real estate is all about – it’s about bringing people together - buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, agent and client. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.
The letter “o” has been intentionally made different in terms of colour to further highlight the unity of our brand. One of the main aspects of our brand that we have taken pride in is our unity despite our diversity. Our offices are one of the most diverse real estate offices in the market, we have agents from all walks of life, but we believe that this makes us stronger.
It’s not only our logo that has changed, we have done a complete refresh of our website to include our fresh new colour pallet. Our colour pallet was selected intentionally to bring a fresh, yet clean look to real estate. With brighter yellows, and subtle teals all working together in harmony.
We understand that our clients want to be able to engage more with the brand and so our messaging has been refined to be more in touch with our audience and bring forth a less ‘punchy’ method of communicating with our clients, while still being able to bring across our message.
Overall the new brand is intended to bring our clients into our family, we want them to feel like they are at home, because when you feel you’re at home there is an unwavering trust and sense of security that no one can break. These are merely an echo of our core principles which is integrity and honesty.
Welcome home, welcome to the new us! Still the same heart but with a new look and feel.
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