Show House Ready... | General

A show house is an effective way to put your house on view to a large number of potential buyers in a short amount of time. But getting your home ready for potential buyers to see it is not limited to the big day, this article is also applicable for when you have the photographer come and take photos to list your property, as well as private viewings arranged with your agent.


You only get one first impression and the photos are often potential buyers first impression, which is why it is so important to have your home ready when you decide to put it on the market. Potential buyers won’t necessarily want to come and view a home where photos show last night’s dinner in the sink. So let’s talk about how we can get your house ‘show house’ ready, whether it’s for an actual show house, photographer or a private viewing.


Spring clean– Give your house a good clean, wipe down everything from top to bottom. Wash windows and polish furniture. Make sure the dishes are done and packed away, ensure nothing is laying around. A neat and clean home will give a good impression.


Declutter – This not only helps you when you are ready to move out, but it also shows organization for buyers. A crowded room often makes the room feel smaller, so remove and store excess furniture if possible.


Garden – Mow the grass and neaten up flower beds. Rake up leaves and wipe down garden furniture. Ensure your braai is clean. Clean the swimming pool and make sure the water is crystal clear.


Hygge – This is a Danish word that essentially refers to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere that gives your home an intimate feel to it. By having a throw over the couch, lighting a few candles, and perhaps some sort of baked good on the kitchen counter (home-made before the viewing could even add a sweet scent to your home) can aid in giving your home a cozy atmosphere.


Lighting – Ensure curtains are open and blinds are pulled up and allow natural light into the house.


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