Planning a home renovation | General

Home renovations can be both an exciting and scary time. Exciting because you have visions of what you want your home to look like at the end, but equally scary because things don’t always go to plan. The best way to navigate through home renovations is to consider a few things before you get started.


1.     Create a brief

Whether you plan on using contractors or doing some things yourself, it is important to start with a brief outlying and explaining the project. In the brief include things like mood boards, needs and wants, the timeline you would like to work on, and most importantly the budget you have in mind.


2.     Draft your budget

Decide on a budget and stick to it, that way you will be able to look at things within your budget and limit options outside of your budget. It is a good idea to decide on one thing you want to splurge on, for instance if you are renovating your kitchen perhaps your big spend could be on the stove.


3.     Create your mood board

Mood boards are a helpful way to bring your ideas to life, they help you envision the look and feel you want the renovation to have in your home. You may have many ideas but once you bring them all together you may find common elements about your preferences. And then you can minimize this to a single mood board.


4.     Visit show rooms

While google and online shopping has become our go to, it is often a good idea to go visit stores and showrooms to look at the items you are interested in. Whether you are choosing appliances, furniture, flooring or décor, it is often best to see the products with your own eyes and see if it will go with your vision.


Once you begin with the renovations, you will be glad you started with these four steps and watch the magic unfold. Happy renovating!