Painting Doors & Trims | General

Painting doors and trims


With the opening and closing of doors, the moving of furniture in and out of a room you will often find that doors and doorways ‘carry’ a lot of traffic and may need to be touched up with paint more often than one might think. However, with its small surface area these may be very tricky surfaces to paint. We thought we could share some useful tips to employ that will help you paint like a pro.


First make sure you have the right tools on hand, like any paint job you can’t get started unless you have everything you need. To get started, you will need sandpaper (for wooden doors), a clean duster, paint brushes (2 different sizes +/- a 20-30mm for the smallest areas, and a 75-100mm for larger areas), painter’s tape (this is incredibly important to ensure you don’t paint off of the surface) and drop sheets to protect the floor. 


Prepare the surface by ensuring it is sanded and dusted, and clean. Painting over a door that is dusty and grimy will lead to noticeable blemishes when the job is finished. It is a good idea to give the door a thorough wipe-down and allow it to dry naturally before you get started. If there are any holes that you have needed to fill (with woodfiller) ensure you allow it to dry first.


Choose the right paint – as we discussed a few weeks ago, choosing the right paint will not only make the job easier, but it will also ensure the durability of the paint on the doors and frames. Speak to an advisor at the local hardware and let them advise you on the best type of paint to use on the doors you will be painting.


Start painting, there is a fine line between using too much or too little paint and the evidence is almost immediately clear. You want the surface to cover up what is underneath but not to the point where the paint drips and runs. So if you are still able to see the wood or the blemishes you are trying to cover it means you need more paint, but as soon as paint is dripping and running off the surface you have used to much.



Nothing gives a room a fresher feeling that a good paint job so have fun and love where you. live.