Organise your cupboards before Spring | General

If you’ve been to the shops recently, you may have noticed that they have summer clothes coming in, and you may think it’s crazy to see swimwear on the shelves while we are experiencing these cold fronts. But we have one more month of Winter and then we go into Spring. In South Africa, August was always known as the windy month, however over the past few years we’ve been experiencing warmer weather and start feeling that Spring feeling towards the end of the month. That means coats and jackets get packed away and dresses and t-shirts come out to play .



Minimalist wardrobes are definitely more manageable – often we have more clothes in our cupboards than we could ever wear – as we tend to wear our favorite clothes more often, leaving things we never wear taking up unnecessary space. So as we enter into the last month of Winter, let’s organize our cupboards.


  1. Empty the Cupboard: Take everything out of the cupboard and create a clean slate. This way, you can see all the items you have and assess what needs to be organized.
  2. Sort and Declutter: Go through each item and sort them into categories (e.g., clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.). As you sort, decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. Be honest with yourself and get rid of things you haven't used in a long time or no longer need.
  3. Clean the Cupboard: Take the opportunity to clean thoroughly, removing dust and cobwebs. This will make your cupboard feel fresh and ready for the organized items.
  4. Choose Storage Solutions: Consider investing in storage solutions that will work for your needs. This could include hangers, bins, baskets, shelves, hooks, and other organizers. Make sure to measure your space and buy storage items that fit well.
  5. Assign Zones: Divide your cupboard into zones based on the categories you sorted earlier. This could be a section for hanging clothes, shelves for folded items, shoe racks, and so on. Having designated zones will help maintain the organization.
  6. Hang Clothes Wisely: Hang clothes neatly and use uniform hangers to create a cohesive look. Organize clothes by type (e.g., dresses, shirts, pants) and within each category by color or frequency of use.
  7. Fold and Stack: Fold and stack clothes that don't need to be hung. Use shelves or drawers to keep them organized.
  8. Utilize Door and Wall Space: Maximize the use of the closet doors and walls by installing hooks or hanging organizers for accessories, belts, ties, and other small items.
  9. Label and Categorize: If needed, label storage bins or boxes to easily identify what's inside. This will save you time when searching for specific items.
  10. Maintain Regularly: Organizing your cupboard is not a one-time task. Set aside a few minutes every few months to declutter and tidy up the space. This will help prevent the clutter from piling up again.

Remember that everyone's cupboard organization will be unique to their needs and space. Customize the process to suit your lifestyle and belongings. Happy organizing!