Organise your Child's Playroom | General

Organise your child’s play room


Let’s face it, kids are messy! Whether its wiping dirty hands and faces, cleaning up their snack-trail or picking up their toys laying around, you spend hours tidying up after them. While we can’t help you with the first two, we think using some of these tips and tricks will help in keeping their play areas neat and tidy (and the rest of your house).


1.     Everything has a place – this is key to minimize clutter. When you have large toy boxes with everything dumped in them, your child won’t know where everything goes, and won’t know where to find what they are looking for… which leads to the dumping of everything out. By using smaller boxes/baskets for specific items your children will know where to find blocks, or random toys and will also know where to pack them away when they are done playing.


2.     Toy rotation – over the years your children tend to collect a lot of things, and while you think your children need it all, it can often be overwhelming when they have so much to play with. So by swopping toys out every second week or so, your child will have time to play with different toys at different times. Giving them time to enjoy them separately. Store out of play toys out away and out of reach.


3.     Art supplies – place these in easy to move bins. This will make sure they don’t get hold of koki’s when you are not around. And when you want to start a project it’s also easy to find.


4.     Wall space – use wall space for storage of things like books. You could also use them for their most beloved toys that they always play with, for instance barbies, or toy cars.


5.     Chalk paint – kids love to draw on walls! But if you can, paint a wall in their rooms with chalk paint and let their imaginations run wild. This will limit drawings on other walls and furniture in the house.