Maximise your Living-Room Space | General

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of space to work with so we thought we could share some of our tips on how to maximise your space in a small house, particularly in the living room.



1.     Buy furniture with exposed legs and without arms – this will add a visual space to your room and give it an open feel.


2.     Choose the right art – oversized art makes the space appear larger than it is. As a general rule of thumb try and get an art piece that will take up two thirds or more of the wall.


3.     Mount your tv on a wall – this gives the space a modern look and makes it look less cluttered.


4.     Make use of strategic storage – avoid taking up wall space with unnecessary storage. Hang floating shelves or use a built-in bookcase to give yourself storage options. It is also a good idea to have furniture pieces that double up as storage options, for instance a bench that can also be used for storage inside.


5.     Keep it neutral – keeping your space light and neutral will make it appear larger and open it up.


6.     Big rugs – by choosing a bigger run that goes underneath furniture will draw the eye wider and again give the illusion of a bigger space.  


But if you feel you need more space and are consider selling your current home – contact us for all your property needs.