Maximise your Kitchen Space | General

Maximise your kitchen space


We all know that the heart of every household is in the kitchen. Whether you cooking for your family of 4 or entertaining a group of 10, your kitchen is often the space in your house that can feel the most crammed no matter how big it is – especially when dinner time comes and you have the whole family asking ‘how far is dinner?’ So we thought we could share some tips and tricks on how to maximise your kitchen space.


1.     Use open wall space - Floating shelves are great at storing pots and other light appliances that you use regularly. By using shelves for pots and appliances instead of cupboard space you make space for things like groceries and other appliances you don’t use that frequently in the kitchen cupboards.


2.     Hang magnetic strips - Save counter space by hanging a metal strip above your counters for stainless steel utensils and knives.


3.     Pick the right colour scheme - Use light colours on the walls to instantly make the kitchen appear larger than it is. And add a pop of bright colors onto the countertops to bring some life into the space.


4.     Declutter countertops- This is by far the best way to make space in kitchen. Keep your countertops strictly for workspace while cooking. And if you looking for some ideas on how to do this, stay tuned next week when we share our tips and tricks on how to declutter your kitchen counters.



But if you want your dream kitchen, contact one of our property professionals and we will help you find that dream home with the kitchen you have always wanted.