How to get your pool ready for summer | General

During the winter, we often neglect our swimming pools especially if they are covered and we can’t see what’s going on underneath. And while the heatwave may have passed we are in for a very hot summer and nothing is more refreshing that cooling off in the swimming pool. So let’s get your pool ready for the summer.


The first thing you should do is give your pool a good clean, remove leaves and other debris from the pool with your pool net. Let the creepy do its magic and clean any dust on the floor. Clean the marbelite with a scrubbing brush to remove any algae or limescale.


Check your pools technical systems – start with a backwash of the swimming pool filter. This should ideally be done once a week to prevent the filter from clogging. It may be a good idea to leave your pool on for 48 hours (Eskom willing) to let the water circulate. Remember to replace the sand in the filters every three to five years.


Improve the water quality – this is probably the most important task. Because we often neglect our pools during the winter, our water may have turned a different shade of green. Or perhaps your water is still blue, it is still important to check the chemical levels and pH value of the water. You can get test strips from your local hardware and test the water yourself, or you can take a sample of your water to your local pool shop and they can do a thorough test to see what your pool needs to be in tip top shape for the summer.


A pH value between 7.2 and 7.6 is ideal, if your pH value is above or below these you will need to adjust the water with pH Minus or pH Plus. The chlorine level is very important as it kills germs in the pool and prevents the growth of algae. Chlorine levels need to be approximately 1mg/liter to effectively prevent bacteria growth. To keep your chlorine levels stable, use a floater which slowly releases chlorine into the pool constantly. Always remember to only throw chlorine into the pool in the evenings after you are done swimming to avoid any skin or eye irritations.


Enjoy the days of lounging around your pool and the days of fun in the sun.