Home Office Ideas | General

Over the past two years we have experienced changes in all aspects of our lives, including our place of work. There has been a trend for many workplaces to allow employees to work from home even as COVID restrictions have been lifted. Maybe you were one of those who thought it would really only last three weeks and haven’t moved your workplace from the dining room table. Or perhaps your home office just needs a makeover to give you the motivation you need to get you through to the end of the year. Whatever the reason, we thought we would share some home office ideas.


Find the right space – if you have an extra room then you have the perfect space. However if you are not able to convert an entire room into a home office, consider all the usable space in your home – even the awkward little nooks. You’ll be surprised at how you can convert basically any area into a workspace.


Lighting is key – if your space is lacking in a good source of natural light, investing in a good desk lap will help your eyes and make the space more enjoyable. Good lighting will also help for those hours spent on zoom meetings.


Greenery – make the space your own, whether you have real or artificial plants around your workspace, having greenery will lighten the mood.


Pick the right chair – ergonomic chairs may come with a higher price tag, but your back will thank you later. Using dining room chairs for hours while you work will strain your back and make the space less enjoyable.


Storage – depending on the size of your space you need to consider storage solutions that are aesthetically appealing and to ensure everything is in order. Baskets are in trend and will modernize a space if you don’t have enough space for shelving.


Painting – if you’re going all out and want to paint your new workspace, ensure you use lighter colors that will elevate your mood.


Get off the dining room table and make the space your own, and remember it is important to be able to step out (or away from) the home office and enjoy your time off until the next day.