Get Your Guest Room Ready For The Holidays | General

As the holiday season approaches, you may be expecting guests coming in and out of your home. It may be a good idea to get a head start on getting your home ready for guests, particularly the spare room. We all want our guests to feel welcome (yes even our in-laws ), and making a room to feel homey will make any guest feel at home. So here are some ideas on how to get your guest room ready for the holidays.


If your spare room hasn’t had any guests in while, you have probably been using it for storage. So now is the time to declutter and clear it out. Give your guests enough packing space in the cupboards and draws to ensure they don’t need to live out of a suitcase for the duration of their stay. That treadmill you promised yourself you would use but was stored in the guest room should be moved into the garage – make it a new Years resolution to start using it in January ;).


Change the linen and make sure it looks clean and fresh. To make the room feel cozy, add some scatter cushions and a throw onto the bed. Have an extra set of linen to change the linen once a week (depending on how long your guests intend to stay). Ensure there are fresh towels laid on the bed.


Some guests may not feel comfortable sitting on the bed, so if the room is big enough place a chair in the room with a lamp close by. If you know your guests enjoy reading, place some reading material on the bedside table – this will also keep your guests occupied and give you time to do things around the house.


Greenery or flowers in the room will give the room life, and make the guests feel relaxed. It is also a good idea to put candles in the room and on the day of arrival place a small chocolate on their pillows. With loadshedding being a reality, put a torch in one of the drawers so guests are not left sitting in the dark.


Having people in our homes can be stressful but making sure they feel at home will allow them to feel comfortable and that in itself takes a lot of pressure off of you. And remember, just breathe, and enjoy this time with your loved ones.