Four Reasons to declutter before you sell your house | General
With the national lockdown many may be looking for things to do to keep themselves busy. Getting your home organised in preparation for the move once its sold makes sense for so many reasons, we’ll explore a few here.
1.You will emotionally move out and be ready when the time comes: 

When you have called somewhere your home for a while, it can be really hard emotionally to move out, whether you feel ready for the move or not.
Sorting through your stuff ahead of time will help you to see that all your things will move with you, and to focus on that rather than the actual house.
When you start to see your home changing, because you are starting to pack away or throw away items, then it becomes less your home, and more a place you are staying ready for your next adventure.
2. You will be more prepared: 
Decluttering for selling may well mean that you need to pack away items that you don’t need until after the move, in order to make more space in the house.
If you have started the packing and sorting process ahead of time, then you will be in a really good position to finish packing when the time comes – and it will be so much less overwhelming.
3. You can focus your buyers on what’s important: 
When you walk into a friend’s house, how often have you spotted something of interest on the surfaces or walls? By this I mean that a piece of art or a photo have caught your eye, and you want to know more about it.
When a buyer views a property, they too can get distracted very easily by your life, and the items in it.
Often buyers can simply overlook what they should be looking at (space, light, flow etc…), as they want to know more about the people who currently own it. Consciously or subconsciously they are seeing how your life and theirs compare, as they are aspiring towards a “better” life when they move.
If you have filled your home with your personal story, then there’s no room for theirs….
4. You can maximise the space you have in your home: 
When you declutter, you can see the wood for the trees.
Buyers need to see the space they are getting, to see how good value it is.
They want to see the condition of the walls, floor etc…. – and this is really hard when you have most of it covered with your belongings.
If you declutter your stuff from your home then you are allowing the buyer to see the space and imagine themselves living in it – you are selling a lifestyle and a dream.
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