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Pets & Homeownership


There is a saying ‘A home without a dog is just a house’ holds true for a growing number of South Africans as pet ownership rapidly increased during the pandemic. Pets have become more than animals to have on the property, and many people consider them apart of their family. During the pandemic we saw people turning to pets for companionship and this led to them considering their pets needs as well as their own when assessing real estate options. Today we discuss a few things to consider when looking for pet-friendly homes.


Size matters – the type of pet you have will determine the kind of home you need. Active pets like German shepherds, Huskies and the like, are better suited for homes with large gardens to ensure they can run around and get their energy out. If you work from home and have a park nearby you may be able to substitute a big yard for a smaller one if you are able to take daily walks and ensure your pet gets the necessary exercise it needs. If you have a cat or a smaller breed of dog, you can consider homes with smaller yards or even an apartment – however it is important to ensure your pet has somewhere to go out to do its business.


Number of pets – while there is a law that regulates the number of dogs you are allowed to keep, for sectional title units (complexes) it is restricted to 2dogs/2 cats. Free standing houses: 3 dogs/4 cats. Large house/plot exceeding : 4 dogs/ 6 cats. However, body corporates have different rules and some are not pet friendly, so you will need to read up on the bylaws of the complex to determine if it is right for you and your pet/s.


Pet stores, vets & amenities – it is important to consider the amenities when moving into an area. When you move into an area it is worthwhile to find a vet beforehand to ensure you are not searching for one when the time comes. Mobile dog groomers are becoming more popular so ask neighbors for recommendations. If you have trained your dog to be out in public, it is worthwhile finding pet-friendly restaurants to take your pet to.


Nobody loves your pet like you do, and nobody knows their needs like you. Owning a pet is for the rest of his/her life so make the right move for you and your furry-friend.