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DIY Projects to try this weekend...


Did you learn a thing or two about DIY projects during the pandemic and haven’t put them to use for a while? Or maybe you have always wanted to tackle a DIY project but never had the courage to do so… well consider this your sign to get started and make something you can be proud of. Here are a few ideas for you to try out, simple enough to get started over the weekend.


Create a feature wall:

By simply painting a wall a different color you can change the look and feel of a room. If you feeling a little creative and are wanting a more elite finish, use stencils to create a pattern to create the illusion of a wallpaper finish to the room.


Paint your plant pots:

With the sun causing a lot of wear and tear to outdoor furniture, perhaps your outdoor pots could do with some TLC. Make sure you wipe them down thoroughly before getting started. Get to a hardware and ask for paint suitable for pots (usually acrylic). This is a great way to practice with paint, and you will be surprised by the impact a newly painted pot can have on a space.


Create wall art:

While you make think only the Mona Lisa is art, everyone of us can create something creative worth putting on our walls – abstract art is a thing! Get yourself some canvasses (depending on the size of the wall) and create yourself something bright and playful to hang in your house.


Repaint a piece of wooden furniture:

Have a wooden side-table or headboard that is looking dated? By painting wooden furniture, you are able to completely transform them and make them look new. Ensure you sand them down first to remove any varnish or other wood treatment. Ensure you use a primer before you paint the piece and ensure your paint lines are in one direction to avoid imperfections being visible.


But most importantly, have fun!