Dinner Ideas | General

The thing nobody told us about being an adult is that you are responsible for deciding what’s for dinner (breakfast and lunch) until the day you die! Deciding what to cook is probably the most challenging part of cooking because you need to think about all the different preferences, meal rotation, time constraints and in South Africa – load shedding. It is no wonder meal subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular – the better alternative to Uber Eats.



We’ve rounded up some dinner ideas to give you some inspiration to prepare home-cooked meals for your family – and fear not they are simple and don’t require much culinary experience (especially with many supermarkets making our lives easier with ready-made ravioli and delicious sauces).





-       Ravioli

-       Gnocchi

-       Spaghetti and meatballs

-       Chicken Alfredo Pasta

-       Chicken Parmesan

-       Eggplant Parmesan

-       Lasagna

-       Rissotto

-       Macaroni and cheese



-       Chicken, Broccoli and rice

-       Chicken pot pie

-       Beef stew

-       Chicken Stew

-       Chilli


Meat & Fish:

-       Fish (of choice)

-       Steak

-       Roast chicken



-       Chicken/steak fajitas

-       Tacos

-       Nachos

-       Enchiladas

-       Burritos



-       Chicken fried rice

-       Orange chicken

-       Stir fry


Quick & Easy:

-       Burgers

-       Prego rolls

-       Wraps



-       Potato Soup

-       Tomato Soup

-       Chicken Soup

-       Vegetable Soup

-       Lentil Soup



-       Mashed potatoes

-       Baked Potatoes

-       Oven chips

-       Sweet potato chips

-       Rice

-       Green beans

-       Peas and bacon

-       Corn on the cob

-       Roasted veg

-       Greek salad

-       Pasta salad


Cooking doesn't need to be complicated, so make sure you have fun in the kitchen too.. and remember love is the most important ingredient :).