Declutter your Kitchen Counters | General

How to declutter your kitchen counters


Last week we discussed a few tips and tricks on how to maximise your kitchen space, and this week we here to share our 3 top  tips and tricks on how to declutter your kitchen counters in order to give you the most space while cooking.



1.     Take everything off the counters and place them somewhere in piles of ‘use everyday’, ‘use at least once a week’ and ‘hardly ever use’. By doing this you will be able to see what you need to try accommodate on your kitchen counters. Things you may want to keep on the counter include the microwave, toaster, kettle and a fruit basket.

2.     Now that you have sorted your stuff into piles you will need to accommodate the additional items that do not belong on the countertop in other parts of the kitchen (like in cupboards). For things you use at least once a week choose a cupboard that is easily accessible so they can be taken in and out with ease. As a rule, if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.

3.     Decorations should not be placed on valuable counter space, rather make use of walls to bring a personal touch into the kitchen.