Cut your Moving Costs | General

Moving can be a stressful time let alone the financial costs behind it. And while sometimes we have the help of friends and family with trailers and bakkies which is great for in city moves, there are ways to cut costs even with professional movers. Here’s how to keep costs down when moving.


Planning is key - while sometimes key handovers (especially for rentals) occur at the end of the month, if possible don’t plan your move for the end of the month, or during December or January. During the second and third week of the month, you will usually be offered a better rate.


Get three quotes from three different moving companies, it is also a good idea to get them to come out to look at your household items to give you a more accurate quote – and also see any items that may need to be disassembled on the day – this is a good way to ensure moving day goes smoothly to not be faced with these types of surprises.


Decluttering before you move is always a good idea – it ensures you don’t move with stuff you don’t need and will also mean cutting down on costs – as the heavier your move the more you will pay. You can even sell these items to make some extra cash – which we all could use. Decluttering will also help move into your new home a whole lot easier.


Packing – some moving companies offer a packing service, where they send people to come and pack up your home, this will also add a cost to your move, so rather pack up your home yourself. Moving boxes can be rather expensive, so a few months before the big move start collecting boxes from friends, family, neighbors and even ask at the back of the sore for some empty boxes. Ensure you label your boxes to ensure your move goes smoothly, and pack essentials for your first night separately so you know exactly where to find them.


Insurance – while you may be tempted to cut this out but insuring your items while in transit helps cover you for unforeseen conditions. The cheapest option is usually to use your existing household insurance policy, who often cover the transit without an additional charge. However, moving companies can offer you a transit policy to ensure you are adequately covered.


Happy moving