Bedroom Space | General

Making Space in the Bedroom


Your bedroom may be smaller than you would like it to be, but if you use some of these tips and tricks you can make it feel bigger than it is and make you fall in love with where you sleep.



1.     Buy multifunctional furniture

When looking for a headboard consider one with built-in shelving or a bedframe that has drawers, this will add storage without compromising the look and feel of your bedroom.


2.     Shelving

Instead of having bedside tables, hang low shelving on either side of the bed. This will also modernize the bedroom.


3.     Brighten it up

We can’t stress this enough; a coat of paint can go a long way in changing the appearance of any room. By choosing light colors you give the illusion of making the space appear bigger than it is. Neutral colours are not only trendy, but can also make the room feel cozy.


4.     Lighting

By using hanging lights instead of side lamps, you make space on the side tables/shelving. This gives you space for other décor items on the side of your bed.


5.     Curtains

Embrace the natural lighting of your room by using white or other light-coloured curtains to accent your windows. You can always hang darker curtains behind them for sleeping purposes, but make sure they are pulled during the day.


6.     Clean out your closet

Smaller rooms tend to have small cupboards, so as a general rule, if you haven’t worn it in a year you probably aren’t going to. Make sure to keep it organized and keep out of season items packed away when not in use.