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Organise your Bathroom


Our bathrooms are often a neglected part of our homes, and this is often due to the limited space which means things are left out in the open making them an eyesore for the home. If you use some of these tips and tricks we are sure you will be able to maximise the space in your bathroom.



1.     Make use of the space above the toilet

By placing a floating shelf above your toilet you will be able to either use it for toiletries or décor – bringing a special touch to your bathroom


2.     Free up floor space

By choosing a vanity with space underneath or a sink you can make the bathroom feel bigger. By placing a basket under your floating vanity you can use it for storing towels and other bathroom essentials.


3.     Swap your mirror for a medicine cabinet with a mirror

By replacing your wall mirror for a cabinet with a mirror you will give yourself much needed packing space in the bathroom.


4.     Opt for a sliding door or shower curtain

By using a sliding door or curtain in the shower you can free up space taken by a swinging shower door. Frameless showers are also a great way to modernize a bathroom.


5.     Hang towels behind the door

By removing a towel rack and placing hooks behind the door for towels, you are able to hang up a shelf that can be used for storage.


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