Balcony Gardening | General

While you may not have a huge garden living in an upstairs apartment, you can still use your balcony to bring greenery into your home, and even start your own herb garden. Making a garden on your balcony is an opportunity to be creative and have fun. Here are a few tips to get you started, but before you get started make sure you check what is allowed with your body corporate or landlord.


Vertical gardening – if your space is limited on your balcony a vertical garden is ideal. Mount shelves or pots against the wall taking advantage of wall space. If you have a ceiling above your balcony use hanging plants. If it’s permitted use your railings for climbing plants. Your balcony is a great way to extend the interior to the exterior – meaning if you use the same colors and themes, you can expand your space and make it look homely.


Pots and crates – these can bring a great modern look and feel to the space. But be mindful of the weight carrying capacity of the balcony – as concrete pots can get very heavy.


Watering – because you won’t have automated sprinkler systems you will need to water your plants regularly. If you are not mindful of this, you may end up with a desert instead of a garden so if this is you… it is a good idea then to choose hardy plants that don’t need much TLC. It is important to use drip trays to collect any water overflow to prevent water pouring over the balcony onto your neighbours.


What can you grow? Any plant that can grow in a pot will be suitable for a balcony. But be sure to know whether you need shady or sun plants. Plant climbers such as sweet peas, star jasmine, morning glory and the like – if permitted – are a great way to cover your rails and eventually when fully grown will be able to bring some privacy into your space. Herbs such as rosemary, basil, coriander, and vegetables such as tomatoes and chili plants are great for balcony gardens. Succulents, and small shrubs are all good plants to consider.


Add comfortable seating – if you going to the trouble of creating and maintaining a balcony garden, you should give yourself a spot to sit and enjoy the space. So be sure to leave enough space for this.