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Child-proofing your home


Watching your child grow up and discover the world is an amazing time in a parent’s life. And when they start to crawl and walk, they tend to explore further and further making it essential to keep your baby safe while he/she discovers the world around them. That is why it is so important to babyproof your home, so your child is free to explore while keeping them safe. We have compiled a few tips you could use in your home.



Your kitchen poses multiple hazards for a child learning to discover the world and while keeping your child out of the kitchen would be ideal it is not always possible. By using latches on cupboards and draws you will keep your child out of places you don’t want them to touch especially cleaning materials. Place latches on cupboards and draws with sharp objects and glassware. It may be a good idea to let your child play in one cupboard or draw in the kitchen so move your plasticware and baking cups to a cupboard they can be free to play in.


In the living areas ensure plug points have protective covers to keep little fingers out, and use a baby gate if you have any stairs in the house. Gates can also be used to keep your child in and out of areas you wish. Sharp edges should be covered with plastic corners to prevent any injuries on furniture. Place any glass objects high enough to prevent your child from grabbing them and hurting themselves.


If you live in a flat or a double story house, windows should have locks or burglar bars on to prevent your child from getting out and falling out the window.


If you have a pool, ensure it has a safety net or cover. Ensure your front gate is closed at all times to prevent your child from accidentally getting out into the road. Garden tools should be packed away, as well as any other pesticides and the like.


Parenting is hard, but keeping them safe in your home doesn’t have to be. If you have any other baby proofing tips share them in the comments below.