Hamptons Realty Group - Buying

The Hamptons Buying Experience.

Team up with an expert in your neighbourhood to find a home that suits you and your family. At Hamptons Realty Group we offer the very best in service, all our agents are fully equipped to help you:

  • Build and develop a buying strategy;
  • Hunt for your dream home;
  • Find comparable sale prices;
  • Prepare an offer;
  • Handle all the negotiations;

Cash Back When You Buy Through Us!

When you buy your home through the Hamptons Realty Group Family, we will not only help you find that dream home, we will also give you cash back*.

-‘With us, get your dream home and the expertise you need!’

How It All Works?

Build A Buying Stratagy

We'll meet with you, walk you through the process of buying a house and learn what you are looking for in your next home.

House Hunting

We'll set you up with email alerts for homes that match your criteria, send the house listings we've found to your inbox and gather information on any property for sale that has piqued your interest. Then we'll book the showings and take you house hunting until we find your dream home.

Offers And Negotiations

We'll help you decide on an offer stratagy, handle the negotiations, manage all of the particularities of the sale and of course, seal the deal.

Receive Cash Back

We do the same work as other buying agents. In addition, we will provide you with cash back.