The Real Estate market globally is facing a dynamic shift


The Real Estate market globally is facing a dynamic shift in 

how realty is bought and sold with a shift within how

consumers engage with digital media and making

purchase decisions.


From electronics through to property, there is a more

conscious decision due to strained economies and

greater consumer buying power. Much has been written

about fixed fee offerings and how these competitive

offerings are changing the markets for the better.

Consumers today have a voice and more importantly want



A significant change in consumer behavior, has witnessed

start-ups emerging within a variety of sectors such as real

estate who remain fundamentally focused and geared

toward changing the dynamics of high commission

structures but most importantly is changing the way

people buy and sell real estate.


The emergence of Digital Disruption has enticed

consumers to adopt the changes. Adopting these service

offerings at an early stage has provided Hamptons with a

competitive edge that has come to be known for.


The evolution of the real estate market is at a culminating

point and there are many successes within the various

models. The emergence of a new wave of entrepreneurs

and visionaries allow for the transformation of how

business operates within the sector. These are the game

changers and they are not afraid to shift the status qou

just that little bit further.


When looking at the current real estate model, traditional

agencies have long enjoyed the model of high

commission’s, however faced with a tough economy and

more savvy consumers, a need to shift and become

responsive arises.


The way people buy and sell there homes is changing and

evolving for the better. Clients can now make use of virtual

reality and 3D walk through to identify with the property 

even before making the final step of actual viewing, cutting

down the time spent searching for that perfect home by

almost half.


Hamptons Realty Group has evolved from a traditional real estate agency into a PropTech agency with real agents, real offices, real support while using technology to give our clients the best service and most importantly, at a fixed fee of R28 000 Excl. VAT which is only payable on successful sale of a property. Our offering includes the same services as a traditional agency with more value and even greater savings for our clients.

Our Flat Fee includes;

  • FREE property evaluations
  • A Dedicated Property Specialist
  • HD Photography
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • 360 Photography
  • Listing on all major property portals
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Show House Days
  • Buyer Screening
  • Arranged viewings with agent
  • And more….

Changing the way real estate is bought and sold,

Hamptons Realty Group offers comprehensive service

with a wealth of knowledge of the real estate market and

marketing capability. We believe and ask you Why pay

gold to get your property sold when you can lead the way

and save on high commissions and agency fees?


Our model is comprehensive and we don’t bid on high



Servicing areas in the North, East Rand, West Rand and

Pretoria our agents are ready to assist with property

queries and we don’t mind good coffee either.


How can we make your realty come true?



While we see a place for both digital and traditional real

estate agencies, Hamptons Realty Group is a culmination of

both schools of thought giving our clients both the freedom

to choose and most importantly that well deserved saving.

The focus of Hamptons Realty is to provide already practicing

real estate agents with an opportunity to own Hamptons

Branches without those high franchise fees ordinarily found

in traditional real estate franchisees.


The Hamptons model offers competitive services that drive

the day to day costs associated with running a franchise

completely down, giving franchisors the opportunity to focus

on what they do best. One of the cornerstones of Hamptons

Realty Group is driving the transformation of the real estate

sector which we believe to bee long overdue.

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